about ME


As you can probably tell I'm Kevin. I'm a hobbyist programmer that has been tinkering with code since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I've released a few games and apps which you can see on the Home Screen. That list doesn't contain everything I've worked on or released as there are some that are no longer available on any of the app stores.

I have experience with a few different scripting languages, and game development languages/engines, including: Python, AppGameKit, Flutter, GameSalad, and Unity. Python and AppGameKit are the two I use regularly.

Unfortunately I'm not able to work on projects for other as I have too many things going on at the moment.

Recently I got into developing card games, one of which is a fun party game which I'm hoping to release this year (2023). Creating it was really enjoyable so I'm hoping that I'll work on other card and board games in the near future.